Working with students. Partnering with families.
Collaborating with colleagues to cultivate change.
(You’re welcome for that alliteration!)
For more than twenty-five years, I’ve done it all.


Throughout my career, I have worked one-on-one with dozens of middle and high school students, and in the classroom with hundreds more, focusing particularly on creative and analytical writing, reading comprehension, and how to see “the big picture.” I have engaged with students to build their confidence as readers, writers, and thinkers and to increase their feelings of self-worth and control over their own academic success. I have also worked closely with dozens of students on their secondary or collegiate application essays and personal statements. Families and students alike appreciate the depth of my subject knowledge, my thoughtful nature, my sense of humor, and my ability to connect.

You remain the most instrumental teacher and mentor I have ever had. You shaped me into the person I am today: a better person.

H., eleventh grade


I am honored to work in partnership with the organizing experts at In Order to Succeed®, one of the greater NYC area’s preeminent organization and concierge moving services, as their education specialist and organizational consultant. My work with IOTS builds on twenty years’ worth of experience working with students to help them develop good study habits, time-management techniques, and executive functioning skills.

Whenever a problem came up, you were always the first person to pull me aside and talk me through it. You showed me a side of myself I had never seen before.

B., eighth grade


Over the past twenty years, I have been involved with implementing a number of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. As an English teacher, I have worked within my division and department to lead discussions, draft policies, and spearhead curricular changes. I have served on various DEI committees, including most recently GFA’s Committee on Race in the Classroom and Committee on Identity & Belonging, that have challenged schools to appreciate and respect students’ diverse voices. And for the past several years, I have served as the Middle School Coordinator for Equity & Inclusion, working closely with my counterparts in other divisions and with GFA’s Director of Equity & Inclusion to bring about real, meaningful change in our community.

I would be honored bring my experience to bear in work with individuals and schools who are attempting to tackle issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your communities. And an important note: I do this work as a white person with a passion for tackling issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion at predominantly-white institutions. If you or your school would like to work more closely with a BIPOC consultant, I am happy to recommend, free of charge, several exceptional people whose vision and leadership I respect, admire, and trust.

Here are some recent articles I wrote on the topic of equity & inclusion for the Greens Farms Academy (GFA) blog:

Sometimes a student has a teacher whose commitment and passion is real and true.
Our son experienced Ben’s gift for educating, guiding, and motivating students to be the best that they can be without forsaking their identity.

L.R., parent of an eighth grader